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“Thank you all for my recent service!  You always get my car in as quickly as possible.  The car is always fixed quickly, at the price discussed and has always been vaccumed."
Nancy Antonio - North Vancouver
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Oil Changes, Regular Maintenance
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North & West Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby

Derosa Automotive SErvices

Finally! A shop that will listen, recognizes you are the boss and considers you family!

We challenge you to find a shop on the North Shore that can possibly take better care of you!

We are intent on proving to you that we are the most versatile, best equipped, honest and caring automotive repair shop on the North Shore. We achieve this by first having a casual open dialog about your vehicle and any issues it may have before we start work. Our knowledge of vehicle systems will lead us to ask questions that will help identify the problem. The root cause of a problem may not be what is easy to assume or what you have been told. This dialog can often save you both time and money!

Here is our set process to ensure your best care & understanding;

1) We will listen to and record your exact experiences with your vehicle while asking a few easy to answer questions that will help guide us the heart of the trouble. Contact information is very important to keep you informed and allow you to approve/decide on a course of action to resolve the problem.

2) Your vehicle will then be assigned to a technician with the experience and skills required to investigate the problem.

3) A test drive will be carried out to allow the technician to experience the fault that is to be resolved. If you are available we will often request a test drive with you so that the technician has a clear understanding of the particular noise or feeling you wish to have resolved. *

4) When the vehicle is first brought in to our shop a 65 Point Maintenance Inspection will be carried out so as to avoid “tunnel vision” and miss any underlying problems with the vehicle. This will give us a good overview of your vehicles mechanical, electrical and fluid systems conditions to prevent any unnecessary return trips to “fix it right”. Any problems you have asked us to identify the cause of will be diagnosed. *  

5) Once any issues have been identified they will be organized and priced out in order of priority;

  • Results of the Diagnostics Carried Out To This Point
  • Item(s) Required ASAP for Safety or System Integrity
  • Item(s) Required At or Before Next Service
  • Recommended Preventative Maintenance Items
  • Good Shape.

6) We will not carry out any repairs on your vehicle without first getting in contact with you! It is very important to us that you understand what is wrong with the vehicle and that you are comfortable with any repairs you are approving. An estimated completion time will be given based upon the work you have selected to have carried out. (It is not unusual for us to have some high priority item parts pre-ordered and on the way already during our conversation. This prep work saves you tons of time and keeps our shop at an operational tempo unmatched by anyone else! 99.5% of the time your vehicle is finished that day).

7) Only after obtaining your approval will our technicians then carry out the repairs/maintenance as described to the highest standard. The vehicle repairs will be tested and another test drive will be carried out as required.

You will then be contacted and informed of the completed work and a pick up time will be established at your convenience.

* Not all issues will allow for require a test drive or full 65 point Inspection.


Derosa Automotive • 110 Fell Ave. North Vancouver, B.C. Canada V7P2J9 • 604-988-2239