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Oil Change & Regular Maintenance

While regular inspections of your vehicles systems are important the most common service required is your engine Oil & Filter change. Various service intervals do exist between manufacturers however, as a rule of thumb regular motor oil should be changed every 5,000km or three months and synthetic every 9,000km or 5 months.

Living the busy lives most of us do in the lower mainland our vehicles are subject to everything from high speed highway driving to daily short trips in stop & go traffic as well as runs up & down the mountain passes. This very normal use of our vehicles wear on our brakes, their various fluids and moving components like suspension. Brakes are and example of “wear items” that are designed to wear down with use, where as the fluids in the vehicle are used for lubricating & cooling and function as a hydraulic fluid as well.

Fluids will break down over time and loose their ability to properly lubricate, cool and provide pressures. If fluids are left to deteriorate the systems they protect will wear and damage themselves through use. Manufacturers provide a service schedule for each vehicle that estimates when each items should be replaced. The service schedule is a fabulous guideline however, it can not dictate how each of our vehicles will wear individually from our own schedule and uses.

At DeRosa Automotive you will receive a FREE Courtesy Inspection on all readily accessible fluids and system components with your regular Oil & Filter change.

We will report on your vehicle’s condition, noting any current deficiencies or upcoming services that may be required.

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