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Suspension Repairs

Suspension technology has evolved over the years from Leaf Springs, to Struts & Shocks, to today’s top of the line Air Bag Self Leveling Suspension Systems. No matter the style of suspension your vehicle has it’s function remains the same; to provide Comfortable Traction, Stability and Control.

Manufacturers suggest the life of suspension components to be approximately 80,000km before they start to loose their performance capabilities. Barring a large defect or collision suspension wear is very gradual to the point where the regular driver of a vehicle may not even notice the loss of traction and stability. Uneven tire wear, shuddering when starting off from a stop and reduced ability to grip the road while cornering and/or braking are serious effects of a warn suspension.

Our technicians will test drive your vehicle and visually inspect your suspension components For Free with your Regular Services at DeRosa Automotive.

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