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Flywheel and Rotor Machining Service

When performing a Clutch or Brake Job it is important to re-surface/machine the Flywheel or Brake Rotors to eliminate any scoring, warping or heat spots before re-installation. This will eliminate vibration, noise and additional heat from a new flat surface trying to mate with a wavy old surface.

DeRosa Automotive Services in North Vancouver is one of the very few private shops on the North Shore with their own Flywheel and Brake Rotor Machining Equipment. It makes proper Clutch and Brake Jobs faster with out having to send the items out to be machined and often more economical as clients are not forced into buying new components for lack of service capabilities. DeRosa Automotive offers a drop off service for other repair facilities and for owners wishing to carry out their own work at home. Costs are $95* per Flywheel  and  $70* for a set of brake rotors (* for most applications).   If you require component machining please feel free to drop your components off to be verified they are machinable, and they will be fit in to that day if possible.  Time frame expectations will be set based on schedule and existing promise times already in place.

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