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Amazingly excellent and trusted service – Earned themselves a lifelong customer!

My wife’s Mazda 3 brakes gave out going down Lonsdale in quite a scary incident. No one was injured (thank God) and she was able to park it using the emergency brake. It was towed to DeRosa. They quoted us what it would be to fix based on their particular experiences with a brake glitch in this model. But they were honest in not being able to 100% prove the fault as it was now working. Peter and the team there were so kind and helpful. We will now be selling our car for parts and getting a different one and taking our new car to DeRosa. Their honesty, integrity and all around amazing customer service is why I will be back!

Matthew Conway

Service and communication was great!

Went for oil change. Service and communication was great. The price is right and I drive away with car washed and vacuumed. Right price along with car wash and vacuum and car inspection keeps me a happy customer and I continue to spread the word !! Have a good one!

Pat Johnson

I appreciate their hi standards and …..

As always the team at DeRosa Automotive was professional, on time, and on budget. They did the oil change and found a major problem with my brakes, a phone call was made to me to discuss the problem and a quote to repair, I agreed to the repairs and it was done by the end of the day. I appreciate their hi standards and will continue to business with Ryan and his team.

Ian H.

Proven to be thorough, timely and informative as to what services my vehicle required.

I have used Ryan’s services on a number of occasions. Each visit he and his team have proven to be thorough, timely and informative as to what services my vehicle required. Beyond that, DeRosa Automotive has also been extremely helpful with trouble shooting areas in need of care in the future and suggesting tips and cost savings techniques for me to utilize. It gives me comfort and peace of mind knowing that I can refer family, friends and clients to his service and they will be looked after with excellent service. I highly recommend Ryan and DeRosa Automotive if your vehicle has any maintenance or repair needs.

Anthony Findlay

Owner, Level 10 Fitness Inc

My heartfelt thanks

Wow…everyone was friendly and professional…no complaints only praise from me 🙂
After having an oil change my car was washed and vacuumed too…how beautiful is that?!
My heartfelt thanks to all of the staff at DeRosa!


North Vancouver

The guys at DeRosa always take time to explain.

The guys at DeRosa always take time to explain information that’s not easy for me to understand. I guess I should have spent more time with my Dad under the car lid. Now, I’m learning how to take care of my car, thanks to DeRosa.

Janet M.

Service you can trust!

I’ve been bringing our two vehicles in for oil changes, brakes and general maintenance for over seven years. The service we’ve received from DeRosa Automotive is by far the best deal for your money that you will spend anywhere on your vehicle.

Lockwood Moore

I was going to spend….. but surprisingly advised not to.

I was about to go ahead and spend a considerable amount of money to rejuvinate my wife’s beloved 1991 British Racing Green Miata. In an uncharacteristic moment of clear thinking (or was it jealousy?), I dropped in at DeRosa to get a professional opinion: Is it going to be worth fixing this baby up or even restoring it to road worthiness. Ryan welcomed me, carefully listened to my several concerns and immediately got Matt to go for a ride with me to make sure all the squeaks and shimmies showed up as promised.

I left the Miata with DeRosa for the day and got a call from Ryan that evening as he was heading home. He explained the situation and said he would have a full written report ready next morning. True to his word, I got a comprehensive and clear, highly readable report along with a thorough discussion with cost estimates for three options: basic safety and road worthiness; basic plus mid-term prevention; and, basic plus longer term prevention. What really impressed me was that Ryan added a fourth option: maybe it was time to let 1991 Miata retire with dignity. He suggested I talk to my wife and sleep on it and let him know the following day.

After much thoughtful consideration and two martinis, we decided to take Ryan up on option four. Turned out to be a great call. The car dealer gave us $1,000 trade-in for old 1991 and we now have a second car that we know is safe enough for even the most precious cargo of our first grandchild. This is not my first county fair and I do not know of many auto repair establishments that will forego 2 or 3 thousand dollars of revenue because they have the integrity to put their customers’ best interests ahead of their own. DeRosa and their people truly walk-the-talk. Thank you Ryan and Matt. You gave up a couple of grand now, but you’ll have all my business, my family’s business, and my friends’ business for years and years to come. Want good business investment advise? Learn from DeRosa. They are the real thing. Thank you very much.

Alex Muselius

Advisers passing on information and I get to choose!

I’ve recently brought in my Ford F150 into DeRosa for general maintenance. From beginning to end, Ryan and his team have always left me feeling taken care of. The biggest thing that stuck out to me is he is an adviser not a salesperson. Both times, he has made me aware of things to look out for and what need maintenance in the near future but never once was I told that “it had to be taken care of today.” Ryan and Ian manage a great shop with great mechanics! Keep Up the great work!

Joel Recio

Testimonial for DeRosa Automotive

I would like to provide a brief testimonial for the recent service I experienced at DeRosa Automotive. First I got new snow tires at a great price. Scheduling my truck service was a breeze, the service was completed right on the estimated time, the staff were great and I was provided a loaner vehicle to keep me mobile. The end result, my recent journey into severe winter conditions was undertaken with a much happier frame of mind. I would have no hesitation in recommending DeRosa Automotive for efficient, cost effective and friendly service.

Carmel Murphy

Can you trust your mechanic?

I CAN! I know that whenever I put my van in for repairs at DeRosa that I receive an honest evaluation of what really needs to be done. Thanks also for your participation in the food donations for the Harvest Project, it’s a great feeling to be able to donate as part of the cost of repairing my brakes.

Cathy Barker

Tune Up

I very much appeciate the detailed explanations of my car’s condition. This is very helpful for one who knows nothing about mechanics.

Judith Gordon

Great Service at a Great Price

I took my car in for regular service and a check-up. This time there were no issues beyond the oil change. The service cost less than $50 and they washed my car!

Keith Shields

Friendly competent and obliging… Top Service

My wife and I have been getting all our service and repair work done here for over 5 years (They can tell you exactly how long.) I have always been pleased with the quality and promptness of their service,also with their "No Surprises" estimates. When

Ryan went to bat for us and secured a warranty repair for a $1200.00 job on our Passat, they secured a loyal client for life. Thanks and keep up the good work guys. Terry N.

Terry Newall

People who know what they’re doing.

My most recent visit for service work was yesterday. As always,for the past 9 years, I was treated as a valued customer, given prompt attention, on-time service delivery, all at a fair price- the standard at DeRosa is high, and has been, for a long time. I never hesitate to recommend them to my friends, knowing I’ll never have to regret having done so.

Fred Hester

Awesome service and genuine care!

We’ve been bringing our car to DeRosa for over 5 years and have enjoyed the great customer service and care provided by John, Ryan, Iain and everyone at the shop. We feel like we are part of the family there and we are taken care of very well. Our favourite aspect of dealing with Iain & Ryan is that they prioritize what the vehicle needs are and we never feel the pressure of being upsold or talked into. Along with the unsurpassed level of genuine care and quality service, we have become loyal customers. We have also recommended family and friends to bring their vehicles into DeRosa as well.

Alex Kershaw

Thank You!

I just wanted to write you a note to thank you very much for your assistance in correcting the problem with my brakes. It certainly was a pleasure to have someone respond so quickly to correct this problem. I am so happy to be driving my car and not having to look at a red signal brake light. I want to thank you and your staff for taking such great care of my car. The cleaning of the inside of my car was a surprise and much appreciated! Please accept this email as my thanks to you and the entire Derosa team for your super professional service.

Sonya Redmond

Excellent Quality Service

I wish to thank Ryan, Iain and deRosa Auto for their kindness and attention given to me whilst my vehicle was in the repair shop. To receive a ride to and from the shop was truly a great help to me. Thank you once again for all the care given to myself and the car.

Irene Esson


Funny usage of the word “love”, wouldn’t you say, when providing a testimonial on auto service? But it is ultimately what makes Derosa one of the most trustworthy auto services in the city. I happen to know very little about cars and the cost of car repair scares the heck out of my budget. However, I have never ever felt anything but an expression of kindness and caring whenever I have come to the shop to get work done on my car or to receive a quote. The guys are courteous, kind, never ever condescending and always explain the mechanics involved in a most comprehensible and detailed way so that I can fully understand what the problem is and what my choices are with the least amount of expense for my car and with safety first and foremost in min. I have to say that I look forward to coming to DeRosa for service…. now if this is not love, I don’t know what is? Thank you guys for always being the best!

Mahfar Bough

Great Service

We have been dealing with DeRosa for quite a few years and recently I purchased a 2008 Mazada 6 which I took in for servicing. As usual the service was excellent and the price was great too. I had it serviced before at the Auto Mall and the sam etype of service was quite a bit more expensive. DeRosa provides excellent service and doesn’t try to oversell you, they were prompt with tthe service and only did waht was necessary. Great Job DeRosa Automotive!

Doug Robertson

I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

The staff at Derosa are always friendly and helpful, and explain things in a manner that you can easily understand if you dont know about mechanics! They always give me the best deal possible, and never do any unneccessary repairs or services. I have recommended Derosa to my friends and family, and will continue to do so in the future. They always take my car right away, and get it back to me next day if not same day. Very fair rates and excellent customer service. Its an amazing thing once you’ve found a mechanic that you can fully trust. Great job all around! Thanks especially to Ryan and Iain for all the great help along the way 🙂

Jessica Jansen

Nice service, very friendly, listens to customers.

Noel Estuye

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